Multi-vehicle Ground Control is provided via a rugged and transportable Tactical Deployment Unit (TDU) serving as the heart of any ISR Ground Control Station (GCS). The TDU provides complete Command and Control (C2) functionality, connectivity between the payload operator in the GCS and the on-board pilot (if the aircraft is manned), and mission and payload situational awareness to the aircraft and payload operators via S-PLANE’s ParagonC2 and ParagonISR appliances. ParagonC2 serves as the C2 appliance for mission and aircraft management and facilitates remote piloting.

The TDU is available in two versions, namely the standard TDU and the TDU Lite, each with various build options to suit customer needs. The standard TDU contains appliances that support automated aircraft, while the TDU Lite is supplied for manned ISR platforms where specific automation and C2 (e.g. S-PLANE’s ParagonC2) appliances are not required. Both versions of the TDU are supplied with ParagonISR for payload operators and include an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

ParagonC2 and ParagonISR provide sensor payload stream geolocation and projection as well as sensor coverage and viewshed analysis functionality within a 3D terrain environment (using detailed maps) to optimise payload application and mission execution in real-time. These appliances ensure that you get the most out of your expensive sensor payloads with every mission! ISR sensor payload control is provided by interfacing payload control equipment to the TDU and payload metadata is streamed to and exploited within ParagonC2 and ParagonISR. The Paragon family of software can be targeted to a large variety of computing platforms. An Aircraft Control Station (ACS) version of the TDU is available to allow pilots and airborne sensor payload operators to gain much of the sophisticated TDU functionalities within the aircraft.

ParagonC2 greatly reduces operator overheads and fatigue by combining state-of-the-art automation and health monitoring functionality with a minimalistic but highly functional Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). As a result, ParagonC2 provides simultaneous C2 functionality for multiple dissimilar aircraft. Under appropriate conditions, up to four fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft can be simultaneously operated by the same C2 operator from the same TDU using one ParagonC2 appliance. This is especially useful for repeated and completely autonomous missions as well as ferry missions, where ParagonC2 allows a C2 operator with reduced workload to manage multiple aircraft.

The TDU for automated aircraft was designed with safety-criticality in mind. It makes provision for long-term Un-interrupted Power Supply to all critical functions and includes a maintenance terminal that serves as a back-up operator interface in emergencies. The TDU’s flight critical functions are immune to single points of failure and also to a host of multiple failures. A robust and reliable Remote Piloting Unit (RPU) interfaces with the TDU to provide access to first-person flight control via the protected fly-by-wire system on-board automated aircraft and also gains access to emergency flight automation interfaces. The TDU also provides audio connectivity functions (ATC and ITC) and power management and distribution to all ground components.

Ground Control functions seamlessly integrate with S-PLANE’s Simulation Solutions to allow Flight and Mission Simulation as well as Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation. A Flight and Mission Simulation Computer is contained within the TDU for training purposes and to allow operators to optimise and practice real missions.

S-PLANE is able to integrate the TDU into mobile or static ground stations which include operator stations, climate control, AC/DC power management, lightning protection and access control. Mobile units are normally integrated to standard certified intermodal containers for ease of transport. Products such as the TRACKER 100 are easily added to any integration.

ParagonCOP is available to customers requiring a Common Operating Picture (COP) to be shared between asset operators, commanders and ISR users. With ParagonCOP, ISR data is seamlessly interpreted and shared in real-time and commanders and users are able to guide and task operators to optimise the value of ISR streams provided by your assets. ISR streams from fleets of aircraft and other mobile and static assets are combined to provide a more complete picture of your operational space, ranging from localised activities to regional and nation-wide operations.

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