Product Spotlight: nxFCU

The latest nxFCU simply has no equal in the industry. It is the proven, rugged and state-of-the-art automation solution for high-reliability rotary- and fixed-wing Tactical UAS and where CS-23 or STANAG 4671 Certification is targeted. It is however much more than an FCU: Each unit includes dissimilar and redundant navigation sensors, flight computers and communication links in a SWaP-optimised format. The nxFCU was specifically developed to fast-track a vast array of reliable UAS developments. It offers standards-based interoperability and a host of ports to interface with specialised sensors, actuators and mission equipment. Complete Flight and Mission Automation software is available and is created, verified and validated using state-of-the-art Model-Based Design tools.

Helix Product Video

Helix is an excellent example of a certified manned ISR aircraft integrated using S-PLANE’s Mission Management, Communication and Ground Control Solutions. Helix is based on the ECARYS ES-15 aircraft. CLICK HERE to view CADG‘s Helix product video on YouTube. S-PLANE solutions are used to perform such manned ISR integrations for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft ranging from LSA to aircraft with GMTOWs exceeding 10 tons. Watch this space for the optionally piloted version of Helix coming soon: Pilot Optional!

Targus in the News

Indra’s Targus OPV, based on the Tecnam P2006T MRI, employs S-PLANE’s Aircraft Automation, Communication, Ground Control and Simulation solutions. Click on the links below to read about Targus in the news:

UAS Weekly: Indra Tests Its Optionally Piloted Targus Aircraft’s Critical Systems Shephard Media: Indra tests Targus critical systems Tecnam: Tecnam P2006T twin to join the ranks of OPVs Indra: Indra tests its Targus aircraft’s critical systems Civil UAVs Initiative of the Xunta de Galicia: CLICK HERE

Helix in the News

Please click on the following links to articles on Helix and S-PLANE’s role in creating this certified ISR Aircraft using our Mission Automation, Communication, Ground Control and Simulation Solutions:

Jane’s: Complete ISR solution World Airnews Magazine (via Facebook): Helix ISR at AAD Defenceweb: “CADG launches Helix optionally piloted ISR system” Monch Publishing: CADG Aeronautical Innovations Launches HELIX ISR Platform African Aerospace: Helix – the manned ISR platform

S-PLANE Exhibiting at LAAD 2019

S-PLANE Automation will join the South African pavilion at LAAD 2019. LAAD 2019 will take place from 2 to 5 April 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The latest versions of S-PLANE’s Aircraft Automation, Communication, Ground Control and Simulation Solutions for Manned, Unmanned and Optionally Piloted ISR Aircraft Systems will be on display. Selected products include S-PLANE’s xCUBE, xFCU and nxFCU. Join us to talk to our friendly staff and satisfied clients about the proven, certification-ready solutions that distinguish us in the industry.

S-PLANE’s xKIT Explained: Jane’s on YouTube

At the AAD 2019 Expo, Dr Steven Kriel explains the S-PLANE xKIT on the Jane’s YouTube channel. The S-PLANE xKIT is a comprehensive solution to rapidly convert a manned aircraft into an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Built on S-PLANE’s proven and rugged xSERIES technology the xKIT can be readily applied to almost any fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Seamless integration with third party payloads and S-PLANE’s Simulation, Communication and Ground Control Solutions brings high-end, versatile autonomous systems of the future to today. PLEASE CLICK HERE