Product Spotlight: ParagonISR

ParagonISR delivers a subset of ParagonC2 functionality specifically to support Payload Operators to view, manage and fuse the outputs of various sensor payloads. It provides features such as payload stream geolocation and projection, mission sharing and sensor coverage and viewshed analysis within a detailed 3D terrain environment shared with other ParagonC2 and ParagonCOP operators. ParagonISR optimizes payload application and mission execution in real-time, ensuring that you get the most out of your valuable payloads with every mission.

To view a short video of ParagonISR in operation: CLICK HERE

Recruitment @S-PLANE

S-PLANE is looking for EXCEPTIONAL people. Are you are a motivated and innovative person and are you GREAT at your job? Or did you recently graduate in the top 5% or 10% of your class? Would you like to work at a cutting edge aerospace engineering company? S-PLANE is growing steadily and we do more and more amazing things every day. We are employing engineers, software developers, technicians and administrative and financial support staff. Have a look at our Careers page. Be part of something inspiring! Love your job!

Product Spotlight: X-CUBE Core UAS/OPS Avionics

The X-CUBE is the core avionics unit of the X-KIT for UAS/OPS conversion. It is installed on manned and unmanned aircraft to convert them to autonomous aircraft. Clients may opt for the full featured X-CUBE or for the hardware plus Board Support Package (BSP) only (giving them the freedom to create their own software). The X-CUBE hardware covers the ports that you need to be able to interface with modern and older aircraft. This ranges from from fixed- to rotary-wing aircraft (Part 23, 25, 27, 29, NTCA and LSA). The X-CUBE is the ultimate certification-ready, flexible and modular solution available on the market today.

Pioneering Flights with TARGUS OPS

S-PLANE is proud of our X-KIT enabling the pioneering flights of Indra’s TARGUS OPS in non-segregated airspace in Spain. The X-KIT comprises the necessary automation, simulation, communication and ground control equipment, offered as a single kit, to rapidly convert aircraft into OPS and UAS.

A series of validation flights were conducted every day for 2 weeks. All milestones were successfully achieved with a perfect safety record. Flights were approved and monitored by EASA and the Aviation Safety and Security Agency of Spain. No other newly-developed UAS or OPS has been granted permission to carry out such flights before.

Product Spotlight: X-KIT for OPS/UAS Conversion

S-PLANE’s X-KIT is a proven, certification-ready solution for the rapid conversion of manned aircraft into unmanned and optionally piloted systems. The kit comprises the necessary airborne and ground-based components to ensure a successful conversion of your aircraft for operation in unsegregated airspace. The X-KIT, moreover, applies to fixed-wing, rotary-wing and multi-rotor aircraft (including eVTOL). As a result of careful design, the X-KIT supports automated ISR missions, cargo transport, ferry operations and many other applications.

Product Spotlight: TRACKER 100

CLICK HERE to view a short video providing an overview of S-PLANE’s TRACKER 100 line-of-sight communication solution. The TRACKER 100 is supplied as a stand-alone product and also forms part of S-PLANE’s X-KIT for the conversion of manned and unmanned fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft into manned, unmanned and optionally piloted airborne ISR systems.

The TRACKER 100 comprises dual line-of-sight communication links and antennas, a rugged and accurate elevation and azimuth positioner, an onboard computer and sensors and a boresight camera.

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