S-PLANE Attains AS9100 Certification

S-PLANE’s Quality Management System (QMS) was recently certified as AS9100D compliant by Lloyd’s Register. After adopting the principles of AS9100 a little over 5 years ago, S-PLANE decided to approach the world’s premier quality assessors for formal certification this year. According to Dr. Thomas Jones, the CEO of S-PLANE: “This was an important step to streamline supply chain integration with large system integrators and to help give large and small clients the peace of mind they need when selecting S-PLANE solutions as building blocks within safety-critical production systems”.

S-PLANE X-KIT selected by Airbus UpNext

S-PLANE Automation’s X-KIT has been selected by Airbus UpNext for its Extra Performance Wing demonstrator project. The X-KIT will be used to safely and reliably ensure the remote control of a Cessna Citation VII business jet that will fly breakthrough wing technologies.

S-PLANE‘s X-KIT is a set of airborne and ground equipment facilitating the conversion of human-piloted aircraft into prototype and production Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) or Optionally Piloted Systems (OPS). At the heart of the X-KIT is an appliance known as the X-CUBE.

Recruitment @S-PLANE

S-PLANE is growing and is looking for EXCEPTIONAL people. Are you a motivated and innovative person and are you GREAT at your job? Or did you recently graduate in the top 5% or 10% of your class? Would you like to work at a cutting edge aerospace engineering company? At S-PLANE we do amazing things every day! We are employing a wide range of engineers and software developers. Have a look at our Careers page. Be part of something inspiring! Love your job!

X-KIT ISR Operations

The S-PLANE X-KIT is used to convert manned and unmanned aircraft into fully operational and certified manned, unmanned and optionally piloted Airborne ISR Systems. S-PLANE’s clients are using these systems in real-world operations. Operations include border protection, anti-poaching, fisheries protection, fire-fighting, environmental protection, infrastructure inspection as well as security and military operations. View our short video to see what some of our clients are doing with their X-KIT installations.

Targus Demo at UNVEX ’21

Congratulations to Indra for completing a successful set of demonstrations of the Targus OPS at UNVEX ’21. Indra was the star of the UNVEX ’21 demonstration day with their TARGUS OPS at Rozas airfield in Galicia, Spain. TARGUS employs the S-PLANE X-KIT to convert a Tecnam P2006T aircraft into an OPS. This was the first demonstration of TARGUS to the general public. Indra operated the TARGUS OPS from its ground control station at their newly-built hangar at Rozas airfield. A high altitude mission was followed by a low altitude demonstration and a fly-by. Make your certified UAS or OPS product a success with the X-KIT for UAS conversion! Yet another example of Automation Innovation!

Firefighting with the X-KIT

Helix ISR volunteered their Helix 1 ISR aircraft system to support firefighting efforts during the tragic Cape Town fire of April 2021. CLICK HERE to view a video of this operation. Helix 1 is fitted with S-PLANE’s X-KIT Lite manned ISR equipment and a Hensoldt Argos II EO/IR payload. The airborne equipment of the X-KIT integrates and manages various payloads and connects the aircraft to a mobile ground station. The X-KIT equipment in the ground station includes S-PLANE’s Tracker 100 communication system, Tactical Deployment System (TDU) and the necessary Payload Operator Stations (POS). S-PLANE’s ParagonISR software is deployed on the POS to allow the operator to manage payloads and geo-locate and project payload streams onto the 3D map system.

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