S-PLANE assists clients with system architecture definitions for manned and unmanned vehicles. This is part of the typical engagement with clients to apply S-PLANE’s Solutions to clients’ needs. S-PLANE’s involvement serves to balance development risk, cost and time for clients, by providing key technical, project and safety assessment inputs, while simultaneously supporting and guiding the application of standards-based system engineering practices appropriate to the development. The result is a well-defined system architecture complete with planning documents, system requirements, system safety assessment data, conceptual design data and a project plan.


S-PLANE is an experienced aviation service supplier. Typical clients range from system integrators to surveyors and private security companies to government agencies and defence forces. Clients often require guidance to determine whether specific aviation products will serve their medium or long term needs for activities such as maritime surveillance and border patrol. S‑PLANE assists clients by analysing their needs and suggesting system and sub-system configurations which are usually integrated into suitable aircraft and ground control stations and in turn integrated into networked systems.


Many S-PLANE clients prefer to make use of our expertise to develop customised electronic hardware and software subsystems for military and commercial aerospace, marine and terrestrial vehicle projects. S-PLANE is able to offer flexible arrangements for this business model through application of its mature and modular product base at the desired level of abstraction for capability development, while simultaneously managing project execution risk. We combine suitable capital investment, partner expertise and requirements, our product and technology base, and our development expertise in order to meet our clients’ requirements and serve targeted end markets.


At S-PLANE we understand that our clients want to be self-sufficient when it comes to key strategic capabilities within their organisations. S-PLANE provides a number of training modules to clients who perform their own developments, ranging from project management and system engineering through to technically detailed courses on flight dynamics, navigation, control and other technologies. S-PLANE also provides integration, operation and maintenance training courses as part of the supply of its various subsystems to clients, to ensure that our clients are self-sufficient when it comes to using and looking after their valuable systems.


S-PLANE offers subsystem level environmental qualification and environmental stress screening services in collaboration with its partner network. Environmental tests are conducted in accordance with appropriate military and aviation standards and are tailored to meet client requirements. S-PLANE is also able to advise clients on the most appropriate tests and test methods for a particular subsystem, given the subsystem’s application, operational environment and criticality.