Firefighting with the X-KIT

Helix ISR volunteered their Helix 1 ISR aircraft system to support firefighting efforts during the tragic Cape Town fire of […]

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Google-backed Merlin Labs emerges

S-PLANE is proud to be supporting Google-backed Merlin Labs with our core X-KIT for UAS and OPS conversion. When integrators […]

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Product Spotlight: ParagonISR

ParagonISR delivers a subset of ParagonC2 functionality specifically to support payload operators to view, manage and fuse the outputs of […]

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S-PLANE specialises in the delivery of complete certification-ready Automation, Simulation, Communication and Ground Control Solutions for manned, unmanned and optionally piloted aircraft systems. S-PLANE combines its market-leading products with system engineering, integration and testing support services to customise and deliver these solutions to its clients. Relevant solutions and experience span a large variety of aircraft ranging from unmanned to manned fixed- and rotary-wing vehicles and are applied to civil (e.g. anti-poaching, essential infrastructure inspection, border control) and military missions. Most notably, S-PLANE Solutions are used to create Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Optionally Piloted Systems (OPS), as well as Manned ISR Aircraft that become easily convertible to UAS or OPS.

S-PLANE’s slogan, Automation Innovation, accurately captures the company‚Äôs outlook and key strategic focus. All S-PLANE products are unique in their respective classes, in terms of a combination of features and functionalities, specifications, ease of use, certification-readiness, modularity, interoperability/compatibility and the ability to rapidly customise them with minimal effort to fit a wide variety of airborne systems. S-PLANE’s exceptional system engineering, integration, testing and system certification support is unparalleled in the industry. The company’s approach is to work with and understand customer requirements, before tailoring innovative solutions to precisely meet their needs. Solutions are realised through application and adaptation of mature baseline products, with added strategic custom and cooperative development and training, as required. Typical S-PLANE customers are aircraft system integrators, aircraft manufacturers, service providers and government agencies.

Products are qualified and certified to appropriate industrial, aeronautical and military standards. Highly qualified and experienced staff are well versed in professional, standards-based system, safety, software and hardware engineering, required to meet the safety, reliability and quality requirements of the aerospace and defence industries. S-PLANE prides itself in responsible and professional product development, sensible market and business strategies, and above all: customer satisfaction!

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