The S-PLANE X-KIT is a comprehensive solution that offers a means to rapidly convert manned or unmanned aircraft into both experimental and certified Manned, Unmanned or Optionally Piloted Systems. Built on S-PLANE’s proven and rugged X-SERIES technology, the X-KIT can be readily applied to almost any fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Seamless integration with third party payloads and S-PLANE’s Communication and Ground Control Solutions brings high-end, versatile autonomous systems of the future to today.


S-PLANE’s X-SERIES represents the state-of-the-art in avionics and automation solutions for OPVs and UAVs. The NX-SERIES is the Small Form Factor (SFF) extension of this product family, catering for Size Weight and Power (SWaP) sensitive systems. Reliability, functionality, flexibility and certifiability are all key design elements carried across to the NX-SERIES architecture. The result is a set of subsystems able to accommodate the strict physical and electrical requirements of SWaP sensitive systems, while continuing to provide the latest in technology and functionality, responsibly and reliably.


S-PLANE’s ParagonISR is the state-of-the art solution to your airborne ISR control, management and data fusion needs. ParagonISR integrates seamlessly with ParagonCOP, ParagonC2 and various 3rd party software solutions to provide unrivaled situational awareness and mission coordination capabilities for manned and unmanned airborne ISR systems. It comes with STANAG 4586 interoperability compliance to fit into high-end civil and military ISR systems. Reduce payload operator workload with exceptional payload integration, standardised user interfaces, improved target tracking and more functional automation where you need it most. No more context switching between payloads and no more nested payload menus.


S-PLANE’s ParagonC2 is the archetype for modern Command & Control (C2) of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Simple and intuitive to operate, its 3D graphical interface provides for enhanced situational awareness and straightforward mission, vehicle and payload management and control. Its context sensitive design removes clutter and elegantly extends functionality to multiple vehicles, making it ideal for both tactical deployments and strategic command centres. ParagonC2 is part of the Paragon series of products, also including ParagonISR and ParagonCOP.


The S-PLANE TRACKER+ builds on our TRACKER 100 product range. It has the capacity to carry higher-powered long-range datalinks in applications where DO-380 environmental qualification is a must! The TRACKER+ provides seamless long-range Line of Sight Communication (LOSCom) between aircraft and Ground Control Stations (GCSs) using MIMO diversity mesh network radios to create and fit reliable and flexible communication architectures. The trackers are easy to deploy and to use and are extremely rugged and reliable.


Subsystem verification tools are an integral part of any modern integration, verification and validation environment. Used for subsystem level testing, acceptance, qualification, integration and maintenance, these invaluable tools reduce development and verification life cycle costs and ensure subsystem and ultimately system-level safety.

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