S-PLANE pursues active business development within Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, Australasia, North and South America and also in Africa. We develop in-house products and supply partner products, combining suitable capital investment and partner expertise with our technology base in order to serve complete solutions to suitable client markets. Every partnership is different. Hence, mutually beneficial arrangements and business models require us to be flexible and innovative.


S-PLANE understands the importance of and is committed to providing the levels of quality, reliability and safety required by the aerospace and defence industries. We recognise the responsibility we have when engaged in airworthiness and other safety-critical designs and therefore follow professional and standards-based system, safety, software and hardware engineering development and production practices that result in the levels of quality, reliability and safety demanded.


At S-PLANE we strive to be innovative in all that we do. We constantly question the why and with this insight optimise the how. We push the boundaries of technology to provide solutions that define the state-of-the-art. We make use of modern design, simulation and production tools to achieve unrivalled levels of efficiency. We stay abreast with cutting edge research and quickly harness this into our designs. From the elegance of our algorithms to the precision of our parts, this philosophy of innovation so ingrained into S-PLANE, renders unparalleled product functionality and performance, presented with a simplicity and ease of use that belies the underlying complexity.


S-PLANE is committed to the education of our next generation of Science and Technology experts and is a proud supporter of social development and upliftment initiatives. Amongst other initiatives, we support school fees and uniforms for a number of school children per year within our local communities through Imibala. Pledge your support at: http://www.imibala.com.

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