With S-PLANE’s Communication Solutions, Manned and Unmanned aircraft enjoy exceptional RF link connectivity in both Line of Sight (LOS) and non-LOS environments. The primary building blocks of these solutions are S-PLANE’s TRACKER 100+ integrated antenna tracker product and industry-leading Satellite and Line-of-Sight communication links. In addition, S-PLANE provides system engineering, integration, flight testing and certification support in to deliver complete Communication Solutions.

Radio Frequency (RF) links and antennas are integrated to the TRACKER 100 and the aircraft to provide long-range Line of Sight (LOS) communication between aircraft and Ground Control Stations (GCSs). Tough and backlash-free harmonic gearboxes drive this 2D tracking pedestal. The main structure is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminium. Each tracker is fitted with directional and omni-directional antennas feeding the integrated RF links. A single military-specification loom serves as interface to the TRACKER 100. A purely omni-directional pedestal version is also available.

S-PLANE supplies sophisticated LOS communication links in the UHF, S and C bands. Encryption options and dual polarisation MIMO diversity links guarantee maximum link bandwidth, optimal connectivity and link security. High bandwidth links provide payload data streaming and command and control functionality. Low bandwidth links provide back-up command and control functionality. These LOS links deliver mesh network functionality for multi-hop network range extension and direct connection to the aircraft and GCS for additional airborne and terrestrial forward operators.

Non-LOS connectivity is provided by optional SatCom links. S-PLANE supplies Inmarsat L and K band SatCom link equipment and the data services (IP data and Streaming) required to keep aircraft connected to ground controllers. This functionality is backed up by L band Iridium telemetry services to guarantee that aircraft remain connected to ground operators, always! LOS and SatCom link connectivity is integrated to provide seamless transition between available links, while carefully managing SatCom usage to minimise operational costs without limiting the mission.

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