Product Spotlight: TRACKER 100

CLICK HERE to view a short video providing an overview of S-PLANE’s TRACKER 100 line-of-sight communication solution. The TRACKER 100 is supplied as a stand-alone product and also forms part of S-PLANE’s X-KIT for the conversion of manned and unmanned fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft into manned, unmanned and optionally piloted airborne ISR systems.

The TRACKER 100 comprises dual line-of-sight communication links and antennas, a rugged and accurate elevation and azimuth positioner, an onboard computer and sensors and a boresight camera. The antennas dynamically track aircraft (or other moving vehicles) to establish a mesh network connection in the harshest environments.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the TRACKER 100.
CLICK HERE to learn more about HelixISR featured in the video.


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