X-KIT Anti-poaching and Security Operations

The CADG and HelixISR Airborne ISR System employs S-PLANE’s X-KIT for the conversion of general aviation aircraft into manned, unmanned and optionally piloted ISR platforms. CLICK HERE to view a video highlighting the capabilities, equipment, operational activities and various clients benefiting from HelixISR operations. S-PLANE supports HelixISR with anti-poaching operations to save the rhinocerous population and to curb illegal abalone poaching and smuggling in South Africa.

Look out for the following S-PLANE products in the video:

  • Tactical Deployment Unit (TDU), serving as the heart of the HELIX 1 ground station.
  • TRACKER 100 long range Line-of-Sight (LOS) communication solution (redundant radio system and antenna tracker).
  • Payload Operator Stations (POS) running ParagonISR payload exploitation software.
  • Our X-CUBE Lite avionics system is installed on the HELIX 1 aircraft to perform payload interface, video encoding, transcoding, encryption, state estimation, storage, communication link management and many other functions. The full-featured version of the X-CUBE includes redundant Flight Control Units (FCUs) to allow automated flight, as employed by customers such as Indra and ECRYS on their OPV and UAV platforms.

    S-PLANE’s equipment integrates seamlessly with various ISR payloads, including EO/IR systems, RADAR, AIS and RF EW subsystems. On HELIX 1, the S-PLANE X-KIT interfaces with the state-of-the art Hensoldt Argos II EO/IR stabilized camera system.


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