TRACKER 100+ Successfully Demonstrated

S-PLANE Automation demonstrated the ability of its TRACKER 100+ to provide seamless LOS communication over distances of more than 200km.

The TRACKER 100+ is an automated antenna tracker for a combination of UHF, S-band and C-band links. The unit is self-calibrating and features the ability to switch between directional and omni-directional antenna pairs for its various integrated links to optimise Signal to Noise Ratios (S/N) at various communication ranges. Its harmonic drive gearbox allows industry leading tracking accuracy without measurable backlash in harsh environmental conditions with the TRACKER 100+ mounted on tripods or masts.
At a recent field test, the TRACKER 100+ seamlessly streamed 4Mbps of HD video between its 600mm parabolic antenna and an omni-directional aircraft-mounted dipole antenna with 17dB of consistent S/N using 2W of transmission power over a mesh radio link. The projected maximum range of the TRACKER 100+ with integrated links exceeds 250km.