Streamlined Avionics Solution

The xSTREAM is S-PLANE’s extreme implementation of the xSERIES, providing a streamlined total avionics solutions that minimises looms and unnecessary enclosure and connector mass. The result is a highly reliable, integrated, yet modular, avionics solution, including power, automation, communication and payload management. Maintenance is performed at SRU-level through simple Remove & Replace (R&R) of cards. Contact S-PLANE for support in realising an xSTREAM avionics solution for your aircraft.


  • Extreme implementation of xSERIES architecture
  • Streamlined total avionics solution
  • Minimises looms and associated electrical connection risk
  • Removes unnecessary enclosure, connector and loom mass
  • Allows for improved EMI/EMC & thermal management
  • Maintains straightforward SRU level R&R maintenance