Power Management Unit

The xPMU provides a highly flexible power regulation, distribution, monitoring and control solution for OPVs and UAVs. Through combination of the xPMU building blocks and simple backplane customisation the unit can be adapted to cater for a wide variety of input sources, loads, redundancy requirements and interface requirements. Its compact and modular xSERIES design results in no internal wires, effective thermal management and effective EMI/EMC control.


  • Power regulation, distribution, monitoring and control
  • Modular, scalable xSERIES design enables straightforward configuration for different platforms
  • Filtering, regulation and distribution building blocks
  • Simple backplane customisation for specific applications
  • Compact design, no internal wires, effective thermal and EMI management
  • Pure hardware solution with no embedded software
  • Rugged, conduction cooled, extended temperature
  • SRU-Level Remove & Replace (R&R) maintenance



xpmu-cardIPF Card – 3U Input Power Filtering Card

  • Input power filtering and protection
  • Up to 2x high-power input busses per card
  • MIL-STD-461F EMI/EMC filtering
  • Surge and continuous over-voltage protection
  • Wide/Configurable input voltage range
  • Bus health monitoring


REG Card – 3U Power Regulation Card

  • Power regulation and battery charging
  • Up to 6x isolated power regulation channels per card
  • Up to 700W power regulation per card
  • Wide input voltage range with OVP
  • Scalable architecture for parallel cards and current share
  • Monitoring and voltage control

xpmu-card2DBX Card – 3U Power Distribution Card

  • Power distribution, monitoring and control
  • 32x Digitally controlled power channels
  • Scalable parallel cards architecture
  • Failsafe design for flight critical loads
  • Voltage and current monitoring
  • Transient voltage and current protection