Flight Control Unit

The xFCU is S-PLANE’s state-of-the-art integrated navigation, flight control and mission management solution for full-envelope automation of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Designed from the ground up for modularity, scalability and ruggedness, the xFCU is able to robustly accommodate the wide variety of form, fit and function requirements presented by new and existing aircraft.

The xFCU’s internal VITA compliant 3U VPX REDI form factor, with proprietary FCU Card technology, allows for scalable, distributed redundancy with dissimilar hardware for the ultimate in solution reliability. A modular, modelbased, time and memory partitioned software architecture is the cornerstone of its DO-178C safety critical software design, enabling rapid and safe adaptation and recertification for various platforms.

Straightforward SRU Level Remove & Replace (R&R) maintenance is enabled through its VPX REDI architecture, with obsolescence inherently managed through a standardsbased, future-proof design. Available as enclosed environmentally sealed and qualified units with interface customization, the xFCU provides an OPV and UAV navigation and flight control solution unrivalled in functionality, flexibility, reliability and maintainability.



  • Integrated navigation and flight control unit
  • State-of-the-art GNSS and inertial navigation
  • Full-envelope flight control with automatic take-off and landing
  • Comprehensive mission management functions
  • Rugged, conduction cooled, environmentally


  • Fixed- and rotary-wing OPVs adn UAVs
  • OPVs and Tactical, Strategic and high-end Mini UAVs
  • New developments and aftermarket upgrades/refurbishment

Key Advantages

  • Multi-channel distributed redundancy with dissimilar hardware
  • DO-178C Compliant software with ARINC 653 partitioning
  • Modern model-based-design for fast adaptation and re-certification
  • Wide range of configurable and fully isolated I/O
  • Flexible architecture to accommodate form, fit and function
  • Future-proof VITA 46, 48, 67 compliant architecture
  • SRU Level Remove & Replace (R&R) maintenance
  • Exceptional functionality and ruggedness for low mass and power



FCU-CardFCU Card – 3U VPX REDI FCU on a Card

  • Integrated GNSS/Inertial Navigation
  • Full-Envelope Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Flight and Mission Control
  • 18x Fully Isolated Native I/O Ports
  • Ethernet (AFDX), Serial, GPIO, ADC, PWM, Input Capture
  • Stackable for Multi-Channel Redundancy with Distributed and Dissimilar Hardware


IOE Card – 3U VPX REDI I/O Expansion Card

  • Provides industry standard I/O expansion
  • AFDX: 2×100 Base FD ARINC 664 p7 Busses
  • MIL-STD-1553: 4x Redundant A/B Notice II Channels
  • ARINC 429: 8x RX Channels, 4x TX Channels, IRIGB
  • Various other I/O supported

FCU-Card3MPC Card – 3U VPX REDI Multipurpose Comms Card

  • Redundant LOS C2/telemetry (UHF/2.4GHz, 60 km, 230 kbps)
  • LOS Video streaming (S-Band/C-Band, 30 km, 12 Mbps)
  • Iridium satellite communication (Short Burst Data Service)
  • GSM communication (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+)
  • WLAN 802.11b/g, 54 Mbps Max

Technical Specifications

Navigation GNSS Aided INS, Air-Data Aided INS, Standalone INS, Kalman Filter Based Algorithms
Automatic Take-Off & Landing Conventional & Launch / Arrestor Systems, Stationary & Moving Platforms
Pilot Control Modes Remote Piloting, Flight Director (Airspeed, Altitude, Heading)
Mission Control Modes Waypoint Flight, Dynamic Loiter, Target Follow
Waypoints Navigation and Loiter Waypoints, User Defined Loiter Patterns, Dynamic Editing and Automatic Validation
Reversionary Modes Glide / Auto-Rotate, Single Engine Out, Direct Control
Communications Navigation and Loiter Waypoints, User Defined Loiter Patterns, Dynamic Editing and Automatic Validation
Reversionary Modes Glide / Auto-Rotate, Single Engine Out, Direct Control
Communications STANAG-4586 Communication, Return to Base Function, Intelligent Maneuvering, GCS Handover
Data Logging Mission Data Recorder, Flight Data Recorder
Health Monitoring PBIT, CBIT, IBIT, Configuration and Usage Monitoring, Diagnostics
Processing Freescale QorIQ (PowerPC Core) or Intel Atom Architectures
Internal Sensors Differential GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU), MEMS IMU & Magnetometer
External Sensors Air-Data Unit (xADU), Optional FOG/RLG IMU, Optional Radar Altimeter
Input / Output 18x Isolated I/O Ports Configurable: Ethernet/AFDX, RS-422/485/232, GPIO, ADC
AFDX 2x 100 Mbps FD ARINC 664 p7/AFDX, Deterministic Ethernet, Rate-Constrained Traffic Shaping
MIL-STD-1553 4x Redundant MIL-STD-1553A/B Notice II Channels, Simultaneous BC and BM, MF/DF 1553
ARINC 429 8x ARINC 429 Receive Channels, 4x ARINC 429 Transmit Channels, IRIG Receiver
Telemetry/C2 Near 400, 900 & 2400 MHz Selectable, Up to 60 km LOS, Up to 230 kbps, Redundant Incl. Power & Logic
Video Streaming S/C-Band Selectable, Up to 30 km LOS (Ground Directional Antenna), Up to 12 Mbps
Satellite Iridium Short Burst Data Service
WLAN 802.11 b/g, 54 Mbps Max
Form Factor 3U VPX REDI OEM Cards (VITA 46, 48.2, 65, 67.2), RCC Enclosed Units (MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors)
Dimensions 160 x 100 x 25 mm per Card (1 Inch Pitch), 225 x 135 x 95 mm for Enclosed 3-Slot Solution
Mass ~500 g per Card, ~3.3 kg for Enclosed 3-Slot Solution
Power ~20 W per Card (Typical), MIL-STD-704F (Enclosed), Isolated, Soft-Start, Hold-Up
Satellite Iridium Short Burst Data Service
WLAN S/C-Band Selectable, Up to 30 km LOS (Ground Directional Antenna), Up to 12 Mbps
Qualification Standards MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, DO-160G
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C (Card Thermal Interface), -40 to +71°C (Enclosed)
Storage Temperature -55 to +105°C
Operating Vibration Random PSD 0.1g2/Hz from 15Hz to 2kHz (~12g RMS)
Operating Shock 40g Peak Saw-Tooth, 11ms Duration
Operating Acceleration +3g to -1g
Humidity 95% RH, Varying Temp, 10 Cycles, 240 Hours
Ingress Dust, Salt Fog, Rain (Enclosed Only)
Altitude -1,600 to 40,000 ft (Enclosed Only)
EMI/EMC CE102, CS101, RE 102, RS 103 (Enclosed Only)