ParagonC2:Tactical is the full-featured deployment of the PargonC2 application, designed for Tactical and Strategic command centre use. Intuitive and straightforward to operate, its 3D graphical interface with context sensitivity provides for enhanced situational awareness and multi-vehicle mission, platform and payload management. A wide array of analysis tools including payload projections and overlays, intersection analyses, and coverage analyses extend mission functionality and effectivity.

Its flexible data framework supports customisation in algorithms and displays as well as import of a wide range of public or proprietary map, terrain and meta data. Global application is enabled through built-in internationalisation, STANAG-4586 interoperability and standards based information exchange.



  • Intuitive and graphically interactive C2 application
  • 3D interface for multiple vehicle, mission and payload management
  • Context sensitive tabs and overlays to remove clutter
  • View control for mission, payload and first person views
  • Vehicle management, remote piloting and health monitoring
  • Mission editing, intersection analyses, ground path projections
  • Communication management with LOS analyses
  • Payload steering, visualisation and ground overlays
  • Payload swath projection and coverage analyses
  • Map and data import (airports, airspace, no-fly, boundaries, threat zones)
  • Track/Data and information exchange
  • Role-based user access / control

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced situational awareness provided by 3D world environment
  • Intuitive, straightforward operation with graphical editing and analyses
  • Context sensitive design avoids clutter and provide desired information
  • Multiple vehicle C2 and telemetry from a single application
  • Multi-role operation from single application with user based access / control
  • UAS Interoperability (STANAG-4586) and interface internationalisation
  • Extendible and customisable in algorithms and display


  • Military and civil OPV and UAV command and control
  • Tactical deployments
  • Strategic command centres