ParagonC2:Mobile is optimised for use on mobile devices for next generation UAS command and control. Touch display with gesture and motion support provides for a fast, efficient and intuitive C2 experience. The application is scaled for economical power consumption without compromising functionality, operability or situational awareness. Secure RF link connection to the air-vehicle or base station provides for true operator flexibility and freedom. ParagonC2: Mobile is ideal for Tactical and Mini UAV applications across both the civil and military markets.


Context Sensitive UI

  • See what you need, when you need it
  • Reduce clutter for mission focus
  • Completely configure HMI & operator preferences Support operators to focus on primary tasks

Unrivalled Situational Awareness

  • View assets & missions in intuitive 3D environment Viewport control: the best view for the current task
  • 2D/3D views, locked & free viewports, useful pre-sets
  • Standard (MIL-STD-2525D) or custom icon sets

3D Mapping Engines

  • Seamlessly load geospatial data into 3D environment
  • Supports common raster, elevation & vector maps
  • Renders mission boundaries, airspace & no-fly-zones
  • Hide/show map & imagery layers as necessary
  • Integrated geographic analysis tools

Seamless Data Sharing

  • Share data with ParagonC2 & ParagonCOP operators
  • Shared virtual world between all Paragon operators
  • Easily exchange flight plans, messages, images, video clips & locations
  • Configure interfaces for data sources & sinks (STANAG 4586)

Customisable and Extendible

  • Work with S-PLANE to configure ParagonISR for you Rapid customisation per client project requirements
  • Customisable to a large variety of data sources & sinks
  • Highly customisable UI
  • Contact S-PLANE for further information

Mission Editing

  • Plan & visualise flight plan in intuitive 3D environment
  • Edit waypoints/routes, loiter patterns, contingencies & actions
  • Standards-based mission upload & download (STANAG 4586)
  • Missions in standard/custom file formats (XML, KML)

Flight Planning

  • Execute a complete mission from a single console
  • Mass & balance tables, bingo fuel & mission time calculations
  • Runway parameter & performance calculations
  • Post-mission media & data log download

Flight Visualisation

  • View exact states & intent of unmanned systems Render waypoints, kinematic projection & current segment
  • Render historical vehicle track
  • Customisable HUD overlay


  • View essential telemetry from your platform Extensive widget library to visualize telemetry
  • Complete customization of limits, units & layout
  • Always-on-top alerts to highlight critical information

Simulation & Replay

  • Train, simulate & review missions from one console
  • Complete vehicle & mission simulation
  • Simulate various payloads
  • Replay recorded missions


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