ParagonC2:Mobile is optimised for use on mobile devices for next generation UAS command and control. Touch display with gesture and motion support provides for a fast, efficient and intuitive C2 experience. The application is scaled for economical power consumption without compromising functionality, operability or situational awareness. Secure RF link connection to the air-vehicle or base station provides for true operator flexibility and freedom. ParagonC2: Mobile is ideal for Tactical and Mini UAV applications across both the civil and military markets.



  • Intuitive and graphically interactive UAS C2 application
  • Common interface for multiple vehicle, mission and payload management
  • Context sensitive tabs and overlays to remove clutter
  • Touch display with gesture and motion support
  • Vehicle management, remote piloting and health monitoring
  • Mission editing and intersection analyses
  • Communication management with LOS analyses
  • Payload steering, projection, visualisation and coverage analyses
  • Map and data import (airports, airspace, no-fly, boundaries, threat zones)
  • Economical power consumption for mobile deployments
  • Wireless connectivity to vehicle or base station

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Flexibility and freedom of operation
  • Fast, efficient and intuitive C2 experience
  • Graphical editing and analyses
  • Context sensitive design
  • Multiple vehicle C2 and telemetry
  • Interface internationalisation
  • Extendible and customisable algorithms/display


  • Tactical and Mini-UAV command and control
  • Civil and military applications