The S-PLANE TRACKER+ builds on our TRACKER 100 product range. It has the capacity to carry higher-powered long-range datalinks in applications where DO-380 environmental qualification is a must! The TRACKER+ provides seamless long-range Line of Sight Communication (LOSCom) between aircraft and Ground Control Stations (GCSs) using MIMO diversity mesh network radios to create and fit reliable and flexible communication architectures. The trackers are easy to deploy and to use and are extremely rugged and reliable. LOSCom and SatCom are integrated and managed to ensure seamless, uninterrupted communication. Communication Solution management is performed using S-PLANE’s Airborne Data Terminal (ADT) and Ground Data Terminal (GDT) equipment. S-PLANE’s trackers are currently in reliable operational use in Europe, the Middle East and Africa under some of the harshest conditions.


Long-range Tracking & Communcation

  • More than 200 km LOS link versions available
  • Precise and reliable tracking
  • Internally accommodates UHF/L/S/C-band RF links
  • Directional and omni-directional antenna modes
  • Designed for MIMO diversity mesh network radios
  • All LOSCom antennas integrated onto one tracker

Easy to Use

  • GPS-based feedback tracking
  • Single-loom connection
  • Bore-sight camera for recording and calibration
  • Quickly deploys with 2 crew
  • Park mode to regain calibration for follow-up missions
  • Mounts on masts and tripods

Rugged and Reliable

  • Comprehensive and robust environmental specifications (per RTCA DO-380)
  • Robust harmonic gearing with NO backlash
  • Operational in up to 70km/h wind (antenna dependent)
  • Packaged for transport in two rugged cases
  • Constructed from coated aircraft-grade aluminium


  • Variety of RF links available
  • Fits mobile and static installations


RF Bands Supports UHF and L/S/C-band antennas with dual polarisation feeds for MIMO diversity transceivers and mesh radios. All links and antennas are mounted on the tracker.
Range Build variants with more than 200km of LOSCom range are available as standard. Each tracker is fitted with directional and omni-directional antennas feeding the integrated MIMO RF links.
Construction Tough and backlash-free harmonic gearboxes drive the 2D tracking pedestal. The main structure is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminium.
Electrical Interfacing A rugged military-specification loom (up to 45m long) provides digital (Ethernet & serial) and power connections to the tracker.
Environmental Comprehensively meets RTCA DO-380 environmental specifications for operation and transportation.


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