Tactical UAS

The SWIFT UAS is a modern, Tactical class ISR platform featuring state-of-the-art automation, communication and payload technology. This highly configurable system can support a variety of payloads including optical, infra-red, multi-spectral and signal/electronic intelligence. A satellite data link enables BLOS operation and its endurance of up to 12 hours ensures persistent surveillance. The SWIFT UAS is ideal for border patrol, maritime surveillance, intelligence gathering and security.



Technical Specifications

Wingspan 7.5 m Stall Speed 50 KIAS (Landing Flaps)
MTOW 250 kg Max Operating Speed 100 KIAS
Max ALtitude 18,000 ft Fuel Capacity 75 L
Max Endurance 12 Hours Take-off Roll 450 m (MTOW)
Cruise Speed 75 KIAS Landing Roll 150 m (Arrested)


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