Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) offer new and innovative solutions to both civil and military problems. From border patrol to maritime surveillance, intelligence gathering, security, aerial surveying, payload delivery, asset inspection, policing, fire monitoring and many other applications, UASs are arguably aviation’s next disruptive technology, set to revolutionise flight and its applications. This is particularly true with regard to UAS integration into civil airspace and the impacts, and enormous advantages, thereof.

S-PLANE considers itself a responsible provider of UASs to both civil and military markets. UASs in general have a poor safety track record, primarily due to a lack of governing development standards, and control over UAS operation. The recent rise of informal developments and hobby systems has worsened this situation. Civil aviation authorities are clamping down on this by more strictly regulating the commercial application of UASs while in parallel working to define and agree upon standards and regulations for certification and airworthiness of UAVs.

S-PLANE is closely monitoring and involved in progress on this front, and is pre-emptively developing its UAVs and UAV subsystems to comply with expected civil and military aviation standards. The result is UAS solutions that are not only modern, simple to use and highly functional, but exceptionally reliable and ultimately legal to operate too. This provides peace of mind to our clients and the freedom for them to focus on their applications.

S-PLANE currently offers both the SWIFT Tactical UAS and the NIGHTINGALE Mini-UAS below. Contact S-PLANE for further information on these products as well as new products planned.

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