Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity is provided by optional Satellite Communication (SatCom) links. S-PLANE supplies Inmarsat-compatible L and K band SatCom link equipment and the data services (background IP and Streaming) required to keep aircraft connected to ground controllers. This functionality is backed up by L band Iridium telemetry services to ensure that aircraft remain connected, always! LOSCom and SatCom are integrated and managed to ensure seamless, uninterrupted communication. Communication Solution management is performed using S-PLANE’s Airborne Data Terminal (ADT) and Ground Data Terminal (GDT) equipment.


Reliable Non-LOS Communication

  • Payload Streaming and C2 via Inmarsat
  • Low-rate C2 backup via Iridium
  • All-in-one: S-PLANE provides SatCom equipment and data services
  • Exceptional satellite link coverage over most of the Earth
  • Certified equipment
  • Minimum latency

Link Management

  • Seamless LOSCom to SatCom transition
  • Easy to use SatCom link bandwidth management
  • Minimum data cost for maximum mission benefit
  • Bonded channel management for maximum bandwidth

Data Service Provision

  • Background IP service
  • Streaming service (1 to 4 bonded channels)
  • Voice service
  • Various subscription and prepaid plans available at minimum cost


RF Bands L-band and K-band Inmarsat and L-band Iridium.
Bandwidth L-band Inmarsat: up to 2Mbps; K-band Inmarsat: upto 4Mbps; Iridium: 1.2kbps (low rate telemetry/telecommand only).
Dimensions L-band Inmarsat solutions range from integrated single-package installations of approximately 3kg to multi-package high bandwidth installations of approx. 23kg. K-band installations weigh approx. 23kg and have slightly larger antennas than L-band installations. Iridium SatCom units have small form factors and they are normally integrated into the enclosures of S-PLANE’s Automation Solutions. Please contact S-PLANE for more information on the available options.
Power Consumption L-band Inmarsat links consume between 50W and 250W (depending on options) at 28VDC. K-band Inmarsat links consume up to 300W at 28VDC. The applicable Iridium links consume less than 10W of power. Please contact S-PLANE for more information on the available options.


    • Please contact S-PLANE for more information.
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