S-PLANE’s X-SERIES represents the state-of-the-art in avionics and automation solutions for OPVs and UAVs. The NX-SERIES is the Small Form Factor (SFF) extension of this product family, catering for Size Weight and Power (SWaP) sensitive systems. Reliability, functionality, flexibility and certifiability are all key design elements carried across to the NX-SERIES architecture. The result is a set of subsystems able to accommodate the strict physical and electrical requirements of SWaP sensitive systems, while continuing to provide the latest in technology and functionality, responsibly and reliably.

NX-FCUs are supplied as complete FCUs or as FCU hardware with Board Support Packages (for PikeOS and real-time Linux).

Specifically aimed at meeting strict unmanned certification requirements, the NX-SERIES is ideally suited to modern Tactical and Mini UAVs for both civil and military applications. Contact S-PLANE for further information and support in selecting and configuring an NX-FCU build variant for your system.

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