ParagonISR leverages the configurability of Paragon technology to support payload operators. The flexible interface framework of ParagonISR allows the integration of virtually any payload. Payload data is intuitively rendered in a virtual world allowing the fusion of various data sources while maintaining situational awareness. The 3D rendering engine supports loading a wide range of geospatial data. ParagonISR includes a subset of ParagonC2 functionality, to ensure the operator remains informed on the state of the platform, without any unnecessary clutter. Data is shared seamlessly between Paragon stations. This allows payload operators to forward relevant data to ParagonC2 and ParagonCOP operators. ParagonISR places multi-payload functionality at your fingertips, ensuring that you get the most out of your valuable sensor payloads with every mission!

Available media:
Paragon in operation with Indra and Helix ISR: CLICK HERE
Firefighting operation with the X-KIT and ParagonISR: CLICK HERE


Context Sensitive UI

  • See what you need, when you need it
  • Reduce clutter for mission focus
  • Completely configure HMI & operator preferences Support operators to focus on primary tasks

Unrivalled Situational Awareness

  • View assets & missions in intuitive 3D environment Viewport control: the best view for the current task
  • 2D/3D views, locked & free viewports, useful pre-sets
  • Standard (MIL-STD-2525D) or custom icon sets

3D Mapping Engines

  • Seamlessly load geospatial data into 3D environment
  • Supports common raster, elevation & vector maps
  • Renders mission boundaries, airspace & no-fly-zones
  • Hide/show map & imagery layers as necessary
  • Integrated geographic analysis tools

Seamless Data Sharing

  • Share data with ParagonC2 & ParagonCOP operators
  • Shared virtual world between all Paragon operators
  • Easily exchange flight plans, messages, images, video clips & locations
  • Configure interfaces for data sources & sinks (STANAG 4586)

Customisable and Extendible

  • Work with S-PLANE to configure ParagonISR for you Rapid customisation per client project requirements
  • Customisable to a large variety of data sources & sinks
  • Highly customisable UI
  • Contact S-PLANE for further information

Full Payload Integration

  • Access complete feature sets of valuable payloads
  • Configure interfaces for functionality at your fingertips
  • Extensive widget library ensures cohesive, intuitive UI across multiple payloads & operator consoles

EO/IR Sensor Support

  • Access all video streams from EO/IR payloads
  • Capture, encode & store video (HD-SDI, NTSC, PAL)
  • Capture & storage of network streams (H.264, H.265, RTP, RTSP)
  • Extract & process meta-data (STANAG 4609, SMPTE 291M)

Integrated Multi-Sensor Support

  • Exploit data from multiple payloads at a single station
  • Supports AIS, RADAR, EO/IR, SIGINT, GMTI (NMEA 0183, ITU-R M.1371-5, STANAG 4607)
  • Fuse data from different payloads
  • Coordinated payload control

Payload Operator Station Integration

  • Customize operator station for your exact needs
  • Physical HMI designed to fit your payloads
  • Multiple monitors
  • Joystick support for accurate payload control

Payload & Mapping Engine Integration

  • Visualize payload data intuitively in 3D
  • Project live EO/IR video in the 3D world
  • Analyse visibility & render LOS for EO/IR payloads
  • Render geo-located AIS returns, RADAR returns & GMTI tracks in 3D world
  • Render RADAR (strip & spot) imagery on 3D terrain


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