ParagonCOP:Tactical provides real-time situational awareness, showing infrastructure, assets, threats and regions of interest. Combined with built-in messaging capabilities this information enables field personnel to control local assets with maximum effectiveness.



  • Intuitive and graphically interactive Common Operating Picture (COP) solution suite
  • 3D representation of battle-space, blue forces and threats
  • Swathe projections and LOS visibility analyses
  • Full-motion video viewing and projection onto terrain
  • Ingestion and display of various payload data (COMINT, GMTI etc.)
  • Mission planning, simulation and reporting
  • Messaging between ParagonCOP and compatible stations
  • Analysis tools to enhance mission effectiveness
  • Track/Data and information exchange
  • Role-based user access and control
  • Context sensitive design to remove clutter

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Common operating picture
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Force coordination through net-centricity
  • Improved collaboration and self-synchronisation


  • Strategic command centres
  • Tactical deployments
  • Airborne platforms
  • Ground vehicles
  • Dismounted personnel


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