ParagonCOP:Headquarters allows decision makers to develop a comprehensive picture of any situation, regardless of location. The ability to plan missions, evaluate feasibility, simulate execution and replay actual events enables personnel to prepare thoroughly, execute accurately and learn from real-world outcomes.



  • Intuitive and graphically interactive Common Operating Picture (COP) solution suite
  • 3D representation of battle-space, blue forces and threats
  • Swathe projections and LOS visibility analyses
  • Full-motion video viewing and projection onto terrain
  • Ingestion and display of various payload data (COMINT, GMTI etc.)
  • Mission planning, simulation and reporting
  • Messaging between ParagonCOP and compatible stations
  • Analysis tools to enhance mission effectiveness
  • Track/Data and information exchange
  • Role-based user access and control
  • Context sensitive design to remove clutter

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Common operating picture
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Force coordination through net-centricity
  • Improved collaboration and self-synchronisation


  • Strategic command centres
  • Tactical deployments
  • Airborne platforms
  • Ground vehicles
  • Dismounted personnel


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