Product Spotlight: X-KIT for OPS/UAS Conversion

S-PLANE’s X-KIT is a proven, certification-ready solution for the rapid conversion of manned aircraft into unmanned and optionally piloted systems. The kit comprises the necessary airborne and ground-based components to ensure a successful conversion of your aircraft for operation in unsegregated airspace. The X-KIT, moreover, applies to fixed-wing, rotary-wing and multi-rotor aircraft (including eVTOL). As a result of careful design, the X-KIT supports automated ISR missions, cargo transport, ferry operations and many other applications.

Creating a UAS from a manned aircraft takes far more than an autopilot. Therefore, the X-KIT provides reliable: mission, flight and payload automation; autonomously managed line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communication; ground control station equipment; and high fidelity hardware-in-the-loop simulation for automated integration testing and training. The X-KIT interfaces with all onboard systems to replace a pilot with a triple-redundant solution based on independent and dissimilar hardware. As a result, users of the X-KIT are already able to operate their systems in unsegregated airspace and will be ready to certify their systems for unmanned operation as regulations allow.

In conclusion: Trust a proven product to be the backbone of your unmanned or optionally piloted system.

X-KIT on Indra’s Targus OPS in unsegregated airspace: CLICK HERE
X-KIT Remote Piloting and Payload Operator Stations: CLICK HERE
In the media:
defenceWeb: CLICK HERE
Aerospace Africa: CLICK HERE


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