Product Spotlight: X-CUBE Core UAS/OPS Avionics

The X-CUBE is the core avionics unit of the X-KIT for UAS/OPS conversion. It is installed on manned and unmanned aircraft to convert them to autonomous aircraft. Clients may opt for the full featured X-CUBE or for the hardware plus Board Support Package (BSP) only (giving them the freedom to create their own software). The X-CUBE hardware covers the ports that you need to be able to interface with modern and older aircraft. This ranges from from fixed- to rotary-wing aircraft (Part 23, 25, 27, 29, NTCA and LSA). The X-CUBE is the ultimate certification-ready, flexible and modular solution available on the market today.

The X-CUBE is reliable and rugged with built-in redundancy, while not compromising on state-of-the-art functionality. Inside the enclosure you will find up to triple redundant Flight Control Units (FCUs) with a proper voting system; a mission computer; two redundant 32 channel digital power distribution units; high capacity solid state storage and low latency HD-SDI video capturing. The FCUs include dissimilar GNSS units and processors and dissimilar back-up inertial sensors.

When adding S-PLANE’s fully featured flight software, the X-CUBE becomes the core of comprehensive aircraft automation. This ranges from mission and flight automation to payload and communication management. The result is a truly comprehensive automation solution, from high level mission management down to managing the nuts and bolts of external lighting, fuel balance, power, engine, air-band radios, etc.

The X-CUBE interfaces seamlessly with S-PLANE’s Communication (SATCOM and LOSCOM), Ground Control Station and Simulation Solutions to round off the complete X-KIT. As a set, the X-KIT is applied to OPS and UAS as well as manned aircraft systems that require real-time mission and payload management onboard the aircraft and/or from a remote ground station. Do you have a custom-designed MALE or HALE UAV airframe that requires comprehensive automation? Then you need to look no further than the X-CUBE. The X-CUBE is the ultimate in flexibility and functionality. Another great example of S-PLANE’s Automation Innovation!

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