Product Spotlight: nxFCU

The latest nxFCU simply has no equal in the industry. It is the proven, rugged and state-of-the-art automation solution for high-reliability rotary- and fixed-wing Tactical UAS and where CS-23 or STANAG 4671 Certification is targeted. It is however much more than an FCU: Each unit includes dissimilar and redundant navigation sensors, flight computers and communication links in a SWaP-optimised format. The nxFCU was specifically developed to fast-track a vast array of reliable UAS developments. It offers standards-based interoperability and a host of ports to interface with specialised sensors, actuators and mission equipment. Complete Flight and Mission Automation software is available and is created, verified and validated using state-of-the-art Model-Based Design tools. Software is deployed on a certified real-time operating system.

S-PLANE follows the principles of applicable standards and guidelines (including RTCA DO-178/254/330/etc.) for all flight critical developments. The nxFCU is qualified in accordance with MIL-STD 810 (RTCA DO-160 is optional). Each individual nxFCU receives detailed attention during manufacturing and testing and undergoes environmental stress screening in accordance with MIL-HDBK-344A before being shipped to clients. S-PLANE stands by its products, offering exceptional engineering services, training and client support as well as a proper 24 month warranty on every nxFCU as standard. No wonder that the nxFCU is the choice for most new professional Tactical UAS developments in Europe today.

For larger Tactical UAS, OPS and MALE and HALE aircraft, consider the xFCU and xKIT.