Firefighting with the X-KIT

Helix ISR volunteered their Helix 1 ISR aircraft system to support firefighting efforts during the tragic Cape Town fire of April 2021. CLICK HERE to view a video of this operation. Helix 1 is fitted with S-PLANE’s X-KIT Lite manned ISR equipment and a Hensoldt Argos II EO/IR payload. The airborne equipment of the X-KIT integrates and manages various payloads and connects the aircraft to a mobile ground station. The X-KIT equipment in the ground station includes S-PLANE’s Tracker 100 communication system, Tactical Deployment System (TDU) and the necessary Payload Operator Stations (POS). S-PLANE’s ParagonISR software is deployed on the POS to allow the operator to manage payloads and geo-locate and project payload streams onto the 3D map system. From here the ground station operators coordinate airborne and ground staff to optimise the mission. This firefighting operation is an excellent example of using state-of-the-art technology, created for advanced airborne ISR systems, to the benefit of our society. Our sincere thanks to Helix ISR for immediately offering Helix 1 to the City of Cape Town. Helix 1 can offer so much more to this city and many others, including supporting security and policing operations, anti-poaching efforts, providing cash in transit protection, etc.

Short ParagonISR video: CLICK HERE
Firefighting with Helix ISR: CLICK HERE


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