S-PLANE understands the importance of and is committed to providing the levels of quality, reliability and safety required by the aerospace and defence industries. We recognise the responsibility we have when engaged in airworthiness and other safety-critical designs and therefore follow professional and standards-based system, safety, software and hardware engineering development and production practices that result in the levels of quality, reliability and safety demanded.

S-PLANE’s Quality Management System (QMS) follows the AS9100 standard, as should be expected of any company producing solutions for the aerospace industry. This includes adhering to strict supplier vetting and management, change control, conformance management, configuration management and production processes.

Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) guidelines, ARP-4754A and ARP-4761, are the cornerstone of S-PLANE’s development and safety assessment processes at system level. RTCA DO-254 and DO-178C guide S-PLANE’s hardware and software development processes respectively, and are regularly applied at various Design Assurance Levels (DALs). RTCA DO-178C extensions DO-330 through DO-333 are applied to the development of S-PLANE’s qualified test tools as well as in support of S-PLANE’s model-based software designs.

S-PLANE’s products are often designed to conform to various industry standards such as VITA standards (42, 46, 48) for quality and ease of interoperability. Hardware is also typically qualified and certified to military and aviation standards including environmental standards MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and DO-160. The result is a range of products you can trust, developed with the level of care and rigour required by the aerospace and defence industries.

S-PLANE is registered with the South African Directorate for Conventional Arms Control (DCAC) and the South African Council for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (NPC), with processes in place to comply with all requirements regulating trade in strategic goods and services, as per the Wassenaar Arrangement and MTCR.

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