Manned ISR with S-PLANE’s Solutions

S-PLANE’s Automation, Communication, Ground Control and Simulation solutions are not only applied to UAVs and OPVs, but are equally applicable to Manned ISR aircraft. This results in truly modern Manned ISR systems, capable of allowing ground-based payload operators and COP systems to control and exploit airborne ISR sensors in real-time, in accordance with standards such as STANAG 4586. By using the full extent of S-PLANE’s Automation solutions, such manned systems automatically fly carefully optimised surveillance routes and precisely execute sensor sweeps of designated terrestrial and maritime areas.

CADG’s Helix 1 is an excellent example of what can be achieved to provide state-of-the-art manned surveillance at an affordable cost. It employs an ECARYS ES-15 aircraft fitted with a Hensoldt Argos II electro-optical sensor payload. S-PLANE’s Automation, Communication and Ground Control solutions tie the various sub-systems together, resulting in a unique and compact ISR system. For the first time, this type of system makes ISR capabilities previously only available to military ISR, affordable for the operation and coordination of comprehensive airborne and ground-based civil ISR and interdiction activities. Helix 1 is, for example, actively and successfully used to execute highly coordinated anti-poaching missions in South Africa’s wildlife parks and along its coastline. Read an article about the Helix 1 successes against rhinoceros poaching (HERE).

Helix 1 (CLICK HERE) was created in close collaboration between CADG, ECARYS and S-PLANE and was first demonstrated at the AAD 2018 Expo in September 2018.

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